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Applicant Sustains Heart Attack during Defendant-authorized Back Surgery

Barrero V. Knudsen Dairy Corporation (BPD) (ADJ 3855232):


Applicant sustained industrial injury on March 31, 1975 causing 240 weeks of temporary disability, 89 ¾% permanent disability and need for future medical treatment. The award issued November 13, 1991.


On October 26, 2012, a findings and award and order issued that applicant’s CIDP and …

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Castro v. U.S. Fire Ins. (BPD) (42 CWCR 200)

Applicant injured his back and defendants accepted liability for the injury and provided benefits.

The parties agreed to an Agreed Medical Evaluator. The Agreed Medical Evaluator, as part of his report, indicated the applicant was in need of home care four hours each day, seven days a week, along with transportation to and from medical …

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AOE-COE/correctional officer injured during exercise program

Young v. WCAB (Court of Appeal, published) (42 CWCR 133):

In this case, the applicant was a 64-year-old Butte County correctional Sgt. responsible for guarding inmates sustained injury to his left knee while doing jumping jacks at home. The applicant presented evidence at trial that his job required physical fitness and a formal departmental order …

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Going and Coming Rule an Injury in Malls

The WCJ and the WCAB found the applicant’s injury compensable when the applicant had a slip-and-fall injury after the applicant had left a store located in the mall. The injury occurred on the mall premises although the employer had no control or ownership of the mall premises. The case was decided on the theory of …

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