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Deposition of Principle of Employer

Franco v. The Nielsen Firm ((BDP) (2014 Cal. Wrk. Comp. P.D. LEXIS 35):


The applicant set the deposition of Kyle Nielsen, principle of the employer.


The matter came to hearing on the issue of the dispute whether the applicant’s attorney could take the deposition of Kyle Nielsen. Defendant argued that there was no …

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Discovery of Documents and Attorney-Client Privelege Log


City of Fresno v. WCAB (Tristan) (W/D) (80 CCC 178):


Applicant filed 14 separate applications alleging she had suffered various industrial injuries to various body parts and systems while employed by defendant.


Applicant also filed a petition pursuant to Labor Code 132 and an EEOC complaint, which resulted in a right-to-sue letter. …

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Orange v. National Union Fire (BPD) (42 CWCR 279):

Applicant injured her left arm on March 14, 2010, and also suffered a psychiatric injury as a result of that injury. The employer accepted liability and provided applicant with medical treatment including counseling by California licensed MFT, whose office was in California.

Applicant moved to Nevada and continued being treated by the California license MFT …

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Discovery/Attorney-client work product/ Witness Statements

The question is whether defendants can delay production of the statements until after the deposition of the applicant. The outcome of this case is consistent with the cases on films, which concluded that films are discoverable but defendants have a right to first take the deposition of the applicant as long as the deposition is …

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