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Limited Second Deposition

Deberry v. City and County of San Francisco (BPD) ( 2014 Cal. Wrk. Comp. P.D. LEXIS 708):


The WCJ , regarding a dispute over a requested second deposition, allowed the second deposition. However, it limited each party to 50 questions of the applicant at the second deposition.


The WCAB granted removal.


The …

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Defendant to arrange for interpreter for applicant’s deposition

Solano v. WCAB (W/D) (79 CCC 1092):

Defendant scheduled applicant’s deposition.

Applicant’s attorney requested a Spanish-speaking interpreter to be present at the deposition. Defendant denied the request and applicant filed a petition for a protective order asking that the WCAB allow the applicant to select his own interpreter for the deposition.

The matter came to hearing …

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