Arbitration & Mediation Services

Arbitration And Mediation Services in Encino, CA

The law office of Altman & Blitstein provides arbitration and mediation services in Encino, CA, on any issue involving California workers’ compensation law including, but not limited to, insurance coverage, contribution, or any issue by agreement of the parties.

Arbitrations are usually set under a statutory mandate.  They are conducted in the same manner as regular trials, and include the offering and receiving into evidence of exhibits and, potentially, the taking of testimony.  A written decision called an “Arbitrator’s Findings and Award” is prepared by the Arbitrator.

Mediations involve voluntary participation by parties.  Any issue may be the subject of mediation if the parties agree to use of this process.  The parties use the Mediator to discuss and review the issues, with the goal of bringing the dispute to a resolution.  Mediations are not binding on the parties.

Mark L. Kahn handles arbitration and mediation services.

Mr. Kahn is a Retired Workers’ Compensation Judge, Presiding Judge, Associate Chief Judge and Chief Judge of the Division of Workers’ Compensation of the State of California with 35 years of experience in worker’s compensation law.  He is a teacher and lecturer on workers’ compensation law, and has been involved in educational events for the California Continuing Education of the Bar, the Workers’ Compensation Section of the State Bar, the California Applicants’ Attorneys Association, the California Defense Attorneys’ Association and many other educational groups and associations within the workers’ compensation community.

For information on arbitrations or mediations contact:  Leticia Lozano at, or by telephone at (818) 995-0080.

For scheduling of arbitrations or mediations contact:   Eric Banuelos (818) 995-0080.