Specified Treatment Options


Ayers v. San Diego Unified School District (BPD) (2014 Cal. Wrk. Com. P.D. LEXIA 484):


The Worker’s Compensation Judge found that the applicant was not authorized to seek medical treatment from an internal medicine in pain management specialist at his Santa Ana Office. The physician was a member of defendant’s MPN, however was listed at his Beverly Hills Office only.


Applicant filed a petition for reconsideration.


The WCAB found that the applicant was expressly notified on the medical provider website that she was authorized to seek treatment at specified locations only, that applicant did not act in good faith in choosing to treat in the physician’s Santa Ana office.


The board indicated that the applicant was bound by the notification on the website that treatment was restricted to the Beverly Hills location.


The cases that the applicant relied upon involved  applicants not provided with notice they could not treat with the MPN physician at one location only. The WCAB noted that this case was distinct: the applicant was notified on the website regarding the limitation on treatment locations and that the treatment rendered at the Santa Ana location was not within defendant’s MPN.


A writ of review was filed and denied.

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